How to create a COURSE?

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November 13-2017 - February 7-2019


12:30 AM - 12:30 PM

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Through our MSM Course page you can include all media and information to attract as many users as possible!

Here you can give a long in-depth description of what your event is about and why our users should signup

Remember to tell the story of what the Course is about, why do you run this Course? who is it for? share all information that might convince our users why they should join.

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ere you can any additional information that might help our users understand more about your Course.

What should they bring?

Whats included?


Include answers to any frequently asked questions your customers might have.

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Welcome to MySportMall! This is a template page to show you exactly how you can use your MSM Page to maximise the promotion of your Sports Business or Profession. Through your page, you can Communicate y...Lee mas our business descriptions and location. Share pictures and your social media channels and Publish images, events, courses, tours, courses and products. You can do this in THREE easy steps! Step One Business Information - Upload your business logos.and link all of your the social media channels and upload your business logos. Step Two - Business Description - Include a full in-depth description of what your business does, what it offers and explain what makes you different from your competition. Step Three - Business Location - Pin Point all the locations in which your business operates. Once you have compelted all three steps you are ready to customize your business and publish all images, events, and products so that people can everything your business has to offer. Once your page is finished remember to share on your social media channels so that your followers can see everything you have to offer. It's time to Make Sport Simple!  


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